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Senarai merangkumi Penulis Utama atau Penulis Bersama

No.AuthorArticle TitleJournal / Proceeding NameSource
1AB MALIK MARWAN BIN ALICharacteristics of electron transport study of composited graphene-zinc oxide thin film photoanode for dye-sensitized solar cellsSolid State PhenomenaScopus
2AHMAD FAIZA BIN MOHDPolyester-graphene primer coatings: Corrosive and mechanical propertiesJournal of Physics: Conference SeriesScopus
3AHMAD ZAFIR BIN ROMLIHardness optimization of epoxy filled PTFE with/without TiO2fillerIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and EngineeringScopus
4AHMAD ZAFIR BIN ROMLITribological and physical performance of micro bearing concept for diluted epoxy filled with UHMWPE compositeIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and EngineeringScopus
5ARNIS BINTI ASMATAnalysis of Wind Speed, Humidity and Temperature: Variability and Trend in 2017IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental ScienceScopus
6CHE NORLIDA BINTI KAMARULZAMANBand Gap Narrowing of Mg1-xCuxO Nanostructured MaterialsJournal of Physics: Conference SeriesScopus
7ENGKU ZAHARAH BINTI ENGKU ZAWAWIInfluence of organoclay on behaviour of polylactic acid (PLA)/polypropylene (PP) blendIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and EngineeringScopus
8KELIMAH ANAK ELONGEffect on electrochemical performance of cr and ni substitution in licoo2 cathode materialsSolid State PhenomenaScopus
9KELIMAH ANAK ELONGPhase and Morphological Studies of LiCo0.3Ni0.3Mn0.3Ti0.1-xSnxO2 Cathode MaterialsJournal of Physics: Conference SeriesScopus
10KELIMAH ANAK ELONGThe effect of calcination time on crystallite size of limn1.8ni0.2o4 cathode materialsSolid State PhenomenaScopus
11MOHAMAD FARIZ BIN MOHAMAD TAIBFirst Principles Study on Electronic and Optical Properties of Graphene/MoS2 for Optoelectronic ApplicationIEEE International Conference on Semiconductor Electronics, Proceedings, ICSEScopus
12MOHAMED IZZHARIF BIN ABDUL HALIMCritical assessment on structural analysis of scalp hair using scanning electron microscope (SEM) and compound microscopeMATERIALS TODAY-PROCEEDINGSWoS
13MOHD ARIFF BIN JAMALUDINImprovement of binderless banana pseudo-stem particleboard properties via natural laminating materialsSolid State PhenomenaScopus
14MOHD ARIFF BIN JAMALUDINThe effects of alkalization on mechanical and physical properties of bamboo-polypropylene compositeSolid State PhenomenaScopus
15MOHD HUSAIRI BIN FADZILAH SUHAIMISolution growth of highly crystalline and dense-packed ZnO nanorods on a TiO2 seed layer with enhanced absorbance propertiesJapanese Journal of Applied PhysicsScopus/WoS
16MOHD IQBAL BIN MISNONThe effect of sodium hydroxide concentration on yield and properties of Bacterial Cellulose membranesIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and EngineeringScopus
17MOHD KAMIL BIN ABD. RAHMANPlastic optical fibre power splitter for surface profiling of 3-D objectIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and EngineeringScopus
18MOHD LOKMAN BIN IBRAHIMA Review on Biodiesel Synthesis using Iron Doped CatalystIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and EngineeringScopus
19MOHD MUZAMIR BIN MAHATEffect of equal channel angular pressing die angle on corrosion behavior of bulk nanostructured metalLecture Notes in Mechanical EngineeringScopus
20MOHD MUZAMIR BIN MAHATSynthesis and characterization of cross-linked zerumbone loaded zeolite Y-gelatin for oral controlled releaseAIP Conference ProceedingsScopus
21MOHD NAZIP BIN SURATMANAnalysis of Canopy Height Model (CHM) Extraction using Quick Terrain Modeller (QTM) for Tropical Forest AreaIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental ScienceScopus
22MOHD NAZIP BIN SURATMANPredictive Model of Mangroves Carbon Stocks in Kedah, Malaysia using Remote SensingIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental ScienceScopus
23MOHD SUFRI BIN MASTULINi, Zn and Fe hydrotalcite-like catalysts for catalytic biomass compound into green biofuelPURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRYWoS
24MUHD FIRDAUS BIN KASIMAl doped LiNi0.6Co0.3-xTi0.1AlxO2 cathode material via combustion methodJournal of Physics: Conference SeriesScopus
25MUHD FIRDAUS BIN KASIMPhotocatalytic activity of transition metals (Mn, Fe, Ag and Ni doped ZnO) nanomaterials synthesised via sol-gel method: Active sites over band gapIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and EngineeringScopus
26NASA’IE BIN ZAINUDDINThe Evolution of Malay Bride’s Traditional Wedding Attire in Peninsular MalaysiaENVIRONMENT-BEHAVIOUR PROCEEDINGS JOURNALWoS
27NASA’IE BIN ZAINUDDINThe Evolution of Men’s Fashion Trend on Malay Festival Costume Baju Raya in Malaysia (1930-2017)ENVIRONMENT-BEHAVIOUR PROCEEDINGS JOURNALWoS
28NIK NOOR IDAYU BINTI NIK IBRAHIMThe optimisation of fabrication process for various chemically treated kenaf fibres in epoxy matrix compositesIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and EngineeringScopus
29NOOR ASNIDA BINTI ASLIThe effect of silver doped in zinc oxide nanorods on titanium dioxide seeded substrate synthesized by binary solution techniqueJapanese Journal of Applied PhysicsScopus/WoS
30NOR DALILA BINTI NOR AFFANDIPolymeric and non-polymeric nanofiber of Cinnamaldehyde from Cinnamon oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesScopus
31NOR FADILAH BINTI CHAYEDBand gap narrowing of mgo and mg0.95zn0.05o nanostructuresSolid State PhenomenaScopus
32NORAZILA BINTI IBRAHIMEffect of ceo2 nanoparticle on the structural and electrical properties of bscco-2223 high temperature superconductorSolid State PhenomenaScopus
33RABIATULADAWIYAH BINTI MD AKHIRA preliminary study on the effect of pandanus amaryllifolius extract as green stabilizer to the growth of nanostructured znoMaterials Science ForumScopus
34RAFIDAH BINTI RASOLPerformances in English Proficiency Course with Students’ Ability in Answering Higher Order Thinking Skills QuestionsENVIRONMENT-BEHAVIOUR PROCEEDINGS JOURNALWoS
35RAJA RAZUAN BIN RAJA DERISInsights into pyrolysis of waste tire in fixed bed reactor: Thermal behaviorMATERIALS TODAY-PROCEEDINGSScopus/WoS
36ROSMAMUHAMADANI BIN RAMLIThe Effect of Zn on the Properties of Mg-10Al-6Ca-1Sn AlloyIOP Conference Series: Materials Science and EngineeringScopus
37SHAHRIL ANUAR BIN BAHARIA Conceptual Framework of Design and Material Process of Bagasse for Furniture ApplicationENVIRONMENT-BEHAVIOUR PROCEEDINGS JOURNALWoS
38SITI AIMI SARAH BINTI ZAINAL ABIDINUltrasound-Assisted Extraction Increases Pectin Yield from Watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus) Rind2020 11th IEEE Control and System Graduate Research Colloquium, ICSGRC 2020 – ProceedingsScopus
39ZAKIAH BINTI MOHAMEDLattice expansion of bace0.54zr0.36y0.1o3-δ ceramic electrolyteSolid State PhenomenaScopus
40ZAKIAH BINTI MOHAMEDPhase analysis of cerate and zirconate ceramics powder prepared by supercritical ethanol using high temperature-high pressure batch wise reactor systemSolid State PhenomenaScopus
41ZETY SHARIZAT BINTI HAMIDIApplication of Solar Radio Bursts Observation in Detecting Magnetic Reconnection PhenomenonJournal of Physics: Conference SeriesScopus
42ZETY SHARIZAT BINTI HAMIDIDetection of the Weak CMEs by CALLISTO SystemJournal of Physics: Conference SeriesScopus
43ZETY SHARIZAT BINTI HAMIDILight Pollution Measurement at Selected Sites of Peninsular Malaysia on 9thof June 2018Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesScopus
44ZETY SHARIZAT BINTI HAMIDILight Pollution: A Preliminary Study in Kundasang, Sabah Based on Sky Quality Meter SystemJournal of Physics: Conference SeriesScopus
45ZETY SHARIZAT BINTI HAMIDISolar Burst Type II Structures from CALLISTO Database Affected by Coronal Mass Ejections Events Detected using LASCO/SOHO SatelliteJournal of Physics: Conference SeriesScopus
46ZETY SHARIZAT BINTI HAMIDIThe Analysis of Solar Radio Burst Type III Associated with Solar Activities Due to Magnetic Reconnection from 2012-2017Journal of Physics: Conference SeriesScopus