Penerbitan Berindeks-Jurnal (JCR Q1 & Q2)

Senarai merangkumi Penulis Utama atau Penulis Bersama

No.AuthorArticle TitleJournal NameSource
1AHMAD SAZALI BIN HAMZAHMechanistic studies on counter-ionic effects of camphorsulfonate-based ionic liquids on kinetics, thermodynamics and stereoselectivity of β-amino carbonyl compoundsJournal of Molecular LiquidsScopus
2ALI H. JAWAD AL-TAIEAcid-factionalized biomass material for methylene blue dye removal: a comprehensive adsorption and mechanism studyJOURNAL OF TAIBAH UNIVERSITY FOR SCIENCEWoS
3ALI H. JAWAD AL-TAIEAdsorption Characteristics and Mechanistic Study of Immobilized Chitosan-Montmorillonite Composite for Methyl Orange removalJournal of Polymers and the EnvironmentScopus/WoS
4ALI H. JAWAD AL-TAIEHybrid Crosslinked Chitosan-Epichlorohydrin/TiO2 Nanocomposite for Reactive Red 120 Dye Adsorption: Kinetic, Isotherm, Thermodynamic, and Mechanism StudyJournal of Polymers and the EnvironmentScopus/WoS
5ALI H. JAWAD AL-TAIEMesoporous Crosslinked Chitosan-Activated Charcoal Composite for the Removal of Thionine Cationic Dye: Comprehensive Adsorption and Mechanism StudyJournal of Polymers and the EnvironmentScopus
6ALI H. JAWAD AL-TAIENew magnetic Schiff’s base-chitosan-glyoxal/fly ash/Fe3O4 biocomposite for the removal of anionic azo dye: An optimized processInternational Journal of Biological MacromoleculesScopus/WoS
7ALI H. JAWAD AL-TAIEPhysicochemical modification of chitosan with fly ash and tripolyphosphate for removal of reactive red 120 dye: Statistical optimization and mechanism studyInternational Journal of Biological MacromoleculesScopus/WoS
8ALI H. JAWAD AL-TAIEStatistical optimization and modeling for color removal and COD reduction of reactive blue 19 dye by mesoporous chitosan-epichlorohydrin/kaolin clay compositeInternational Journal of Biological MacromoleculesScopus/WoS
9ALI H. JAWAD AL-TAIESynthesis of Magnetic Chitosan-Fly Ash/Fe3O4 Composite for Adsorption of Reactive Orange 16 Dye: Optimization by Box–Behnken DesignJournal of Polymers and the EnvironmentScopus
10ALI H. JAWAD AL-TAIETunable Schiff’s base-cross-linked chitosan composite for the removal of reactive red 120 dye: Adsorption and mechanism studyInternational Journal of Biological MacromoleculesScopus/WoS
11ALI H. JAWAD AL-TAIETuning of Fly Ash Loading into Chitosan-Ethylene Glycol Diglycidyl Ether Composite for Enhanced Removal of Reactive Red 120 Dye: Optimization Using the Box–Behnken DesignJournal of Polymers and the EnvironmentScopus/WoS
12ALI H. JAWAD AL-TAIEZwitterion composite chitosan-epichlorohydrin/zeolite for adsorption of methylene blue and reactive red 120 dyesInternational Journal of Biological MacromoleculesScopus/WoS
13AMALINA BINTI MOHD TAJUDDINSynthesis, crystal structure, photophysical properties, DFT studies and Hirshfeld surface analysis of a phosphorescent 1,2,4-triazole-based iridium(III) complexPolyhedronScopus/WoS
14ARNIS BINTI ASMATFlood Estimation for SMART Control Operation Using Integrated Radar Rainfall Input with the HEC-HMS ModelWater Resources ManagementScopus/WoS
15CHAN CHIN HANCrystallization kinetics, morphology and spherulite growth in poly(trimethylene terephthalate) modified with bisphenol-A diglycidyl etherJournal of Thermal Analysis and CalorimetryScopus/WoS
16CHAN CHIN HANEffects on the properties after addition of lithium salt in poly(Ethylene oxide)/poly(methyl acrylate) blendsPolymersScopus
17CHAN CHIN HANLow frequency dielectric relaxation and conductance of solid polymer electrolytes with PEO and Blends of PEO and PMMAPolymersScopus/WoS
18CHAN CHIN HANMelt rheological behavior and morphology of poly(ethylene oxide)/natural rubber-graft-poly(methyl methacrylate) blendsPolymersScopus/WoS
19FALAH BIN ABUThe influence of contextual factors on the implementation of lean practices: An analysis of furniture industriesAmfiteatru EconomicScopus/WoS
20FARIZAN BINTI ARISBactericidal Capacity of a Heterogeneous TiO2/ZnO Nanocomposite against Multidrug-Resistant and Non-Multidrug-Resistant Bacterial Strains Associated with Nosocomial InfectionsACS OmegaScopus/WoS
21HADARIAH BINTI BAHRONCytotoxicity, alpha-glucosidase inhibition and molecular docking studies of hydroxamic acid chromium(III) complexesJournal of Biological Inorganic ChemistryScopus/WoS
22HADARIAH BINTI BAHRONSynthesis, structures, luminescence and thermal stability of Visible/NIR emitting binuclear azomethine-Zn(II) complexesJournal of LuminescenceScopus/WoS
23HUSSEIN BIN HANIBAHPalm-based cationic polyurethane membranes for solid polymer electrolytes application: A physico-chemical characteristics studies of chain-extended cationic polyurethaneIndustrial Crops and ProductsScopus/WoS
24KARIMAH BINTI KASSIMPhysiochemical properties of TiO2 nanoparticle loaded APTES-functionalized MWCNTs composites and their photocatalytic activity with kinetic studyArabian Journal of ChemistryScopus/WoS
25KHAIRUNNADIM BIN AHMAD SEKAKFabrication, characterization and X-band microwave absorption properties of PAni/Fe3O4/PVA nanofiber composites materialsArabian Journal of ChemistryScopus/WoS
26MOHAMAD FARIZ BIN MOHAMAD TAIBElectrochemical properties of pyrolysed graphene/activated carbon composite doped with FeTMPP-Cl as electrode materialsIonicsScopus/WoS
27MOHAMMAD ZAREIEffects of drying techniques on the physicochemical, functional, thermal, structural and rheological properties of mung bean (Vigna radiata) protein isolate powderFood Research InternationalScopus
28MOHAMMAD ZAREILacto-fermented Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus L.) seed protein as a source of bioactive peptides and their applications as natural preservativesFood ControlScopus/WoS
29MOHAMMAD ZAREIToxicity study and blood pressure–lowering efficacy of whey protein concentrate hydrolysate in rat models, plus peptide characterizationJournal of Dairy ScienceScopus
30MOHAMMAD ZAREIWhey protein concentrate as a novel source of bifunctional peptides with angiotensin-i converting enzyme inhibitory and antioxidant properties: RSM studyFoodsScopus/WoS
31MOHD FIRDAUS BIN MALEKFabrication and structural properties of flower-like TiO2 nanorod array films grown on glass substrate without FTO layerMATERIALS LETTERSScopus/WoS
32MOHD FIRDAUS BIN MALEKSynthesis, structural and optical properties of mesostructured, X-doped NiO (x = Zn, Sn, Fe) nanoflake network filmsMaterials Research BulletinScopus/WoS
33MOHD KAMIL BIN ABD. RAHMANSurface roughness effect on optical loss in waveguide using isotropically induced crosslink network of siloxane–polyimide copolymerJournal of Applied Polymer ScienceScopus/WoS
34MOHD LOKMAN BIN IBRAHIMA review on influence of reactor technologies and kinetic studies for biodiesel applicationJournal of Industrial and Engineering ChemistryScopus/WoS
35MOHD LOKMAN BIN IBRAHIMDevelopment of bimetallic nickel-based catalysts supported on activated carbon for green fuel productionRSC AdvancesScopus/WoS
36MOHD LOKMAN BIN IBRAHIMPhotocatalysis for organic wastewater treatment: From the basis to current challenges for societyCatalystsScopus/WoS
37MOHD LOKMAN BIN IBRAHIMPreparation of Na2O supported CNTs nanocatalyst for efficient biodiesel production from waste-oilEnergy Conversion and ManagementScopus/WoS
38MOHD LOKMAN BIN IBRAHIMSiO2-Rich Sugar Cane Bagasse Ash Catalyst for Transesterification of Palm OilBIOENERGY RESEARCHScopus/WoS
39MOHD LOKMAN BIN IBRAHIMSulfonated functionalization of carbon derived corncob residue via hydrothermal synthesis route for esterification of palm fatty acid distillateEnergy Conversion and ManagementScopus/WoS
40MOHD LOKMAN BIN IBRAHIMSupermagnetic nano-bifunctional catalyst from rice husk: Synthesis, characterization and application for conversion of used cooking oil to biodieselCatalystsScopus/WoS
41MOHD LOKMAN BIN IBRAHIMSynthesis of bifunctional nanocatalyst from waste palm kernel shell and its application for biodiesel productionRSC AdvancesScopus/WoS
42MOHD MUZAMIR BIN MAHATRecent advances on metal nitride materials as emerging electrochemical sensors: A mini reviewElectrochemistry CommunicationsScopus/WoS
43MOHD SUFRI BIN MASTULIFree-H2 deoxygenation of Jatropha curcas oil into cleaner diesel-grade biofuel over coconut residue-derived activated carbon catalystJournal of Cleaner ProductionScopus/WoS
44MOHD SUFRI BIN MASTULIHematite microcube decorated TiO2 nanorods as heterojunction photocatalyst with in-situ carbon doping derived from polysaccharides bio-templates hydrothermal carbonizationJournal of Alloys and CompoundsScopus/WoS
45MOHD SUFRI BIN MASTULINi, Zn and Fe hydrotalcite-like catalysts for catalytic biomass compound into green biofuelPURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRYWoS
46MOHD SUFRI BIN MASTULIProduction of renewable diesel from Jatropha curcas oil via pyrolytic-deoxygenation over various multi-wall carbon nanotube-based catalystsProcess Safety and Environmental ProtectionScopus/WoS
47MOHD SUFRI BIN MASTULIStructural and catalytic studies of Mg1-xNixO nanomaterials for gasification of biomass in supercritical water for H2-rich syngas productionInternational Journal of Hydrogen EnergyScopus
48MOHD SUFRI BIN MASTULISulfonated SnO(2)nanocatalystsviaa self-propagating combustion method for esterification of palm fatty acid distillateRSC AdvancesWoS
49MUHAMAD KAMIL BIN YAAKOBDFT + U calculations for electronic, structural, and optical properties of ZnO wurtzite structure: A reviewResults in PhysicsScopus/WoS
50MUHD FIRDAUS BIN KASIMComparative study on photocatalytic activity of transition metals (Ag and Ni)doped ZnO nanomaterials synthesized via sol–gel methodRoyal Society Open ScienceScopus/WoS
51MUHD FIRDAUS BIN KASIMEffects of Al-dopant at Ni or Co sites in LiNi0.6Co0.3Ti0.1O2on interlayer slabs (Li-O) and intralayer slabs (TM-O) and their influence on the electrochemical performance of cathode materialsRSC AdvancesScopus
52NOR HADIANI BTE ISMAILSynthesis of symmetrical bis-Schiff base-disulfide hybrids as highly effective anti-leishmanial agentsBioorganic ChemistryScopus/WoS
53NOR HADIANI BTE ISMAILUHPLC-ESI-Orbitrap-MS Analysis of Biologically Active Extracts from Gynura procumbens (Lour.) Merr. And Cleome gynandra L. LeavesEvidence-based Complementary and Alternative MedicineScopus/WoS
54NOR SUHAILA BINTI MOHAMAD HANAPIMagnetic nanoparticles assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction of chloramphenicol in water samplesRoyal Society Open ScienceScopus/WoS
55NORAZILA BINTI IBRAHIMMagnetic and electronic transport properties of electron-doped La0.9−xBixTe0.1MnO3 (0.00≤ x≤0.2)ManganitesMaterials Chemistry and PhysicsScopus/WoS
56NUR VICKY BINTI BIHUDIn vitro antiplasmodial and cytotoxicity activities of crude extracts and major compounds from Goniothalamus lanceolatusJournal of EthnopharmacologyScopus/WoS
57RABIATULADAWIYAH BINTI MD AKHIRThe potential of pandanus amaryllifolius leaves extract in fabrication of dense and uniform Zno microrodsMicromachinesScopus/WoS
58ROSDIYANA BINTI HASHAM @ HISAMEffects of mixed glass former on AC conductivity and dielectric properties of 70[xTeO2+(1-x)B2O3]+15Na2O+15K2O glass systemSolid State SciencesScopus/WoS
59ROSDIYANA BINTI HASHAM @ HISAMEffects of mixed-alkali oxides on AC conductivity and dielectric properties of xNa2O-(20-x)K2O-30V2O5-50TeO2 glassesResults in PhysicsScopus/WoS
60SHAHRUL NIZAM BIN AHMADSynthesis, characterization, quantum chemical calculations and anticancer activity of a Schiff base NNOO chelate ligand and Pd(II) complexPLoS ONEScopus/WoS
61SITI HASNAH BINTI KAMARUDINThe effect of jackfruit skin powder and fiber bleaching treatment in pla composites with incorporation of thymolPolymersScopus
62SITI HASNAH BINTI KAMARUDINThermal and structural analysis of epoxidized jatropha oil and alkaline treated kenaf fiber reinforced poly(Lactic acid) biocompositesPolymersScopus/WoS
63SITI ZAFIRAH BINTI ZAINAL ABIDINInfluence of filler system on the cure characteristics and mechanical properties of butyl reclaimed rubberBIORESOURCESScopus/WoS
64SULAIMAN BIN SHAARIModeling of Soiling Derating Factor in Determining Photovoltaic OutputsIEEE Journal of PhotovoltaicsScopus/WoS
65SYAHRUL IMRAN BIN ABU BAKARAryl-oxadiazole Schiff bases: Synthesis, α-glucosidase in vitro inhibitory activity and their in silico studiesArabian Journal of ChemistryScopus/WoS
66SYAHRUL IMRAN BIN ABU BAKARCombining in silico and in vitro studies to evaluate the acetylcholinesterase inhibitory profile of different accessions and the biomarker triterpenes of Centella asiaticaMoleculesScopus/WoS
67TAN WINIEThe synergistic effect of iron cobaltite compare to its single oxides as cathode in supercapacitorJOURNAL OF ELECTROCERAMICSScopus/WoS
68ZAIDAH BT ZAINAL ARIFFINThe effects of Piper sarmentosum aqueous extracts on zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos and caudal fin tissue regenerationScientific ReportsScopus/WoS
69ZAKIAH BINTI MOHAMEDEffect of Bi Substitution on Structural and AC Magnetic Susceptibility Properties of Nd1-xBixMnO3CRYSTALSScopus/WoS
70ZAKIAH BINTI MOHAMEDInfluence of Ruthenium Doping on the Crystal Structure and Magnetic Properties of Pr0.67Ba0.33Mn1-xRuxO3 ManganitesCRYSTALSWoS